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KWEG MiniMega Slideshow

KWEG MiniMega Slideshow The Kia World Extreme Games hosted a 30 foot tall gap to quarterpipe contest on the Mini Mega at this year’s KWEG competition. Check out this slideshow with some of the most exciting moments from the competition.

Kia’s Full Broadcast coverage of KWEG Vert, MiniMega and Street.

Check out the Full Broadcast of KWEG MiniMega, Vert and Street Competitions as seen through the KIA Live Broadcast (recorded earlier) Street Full Broadcast (Fast forward to 1:42:00) MiniMega Full Broadcast (Fast forward to 14:40) (qualifiers deemed final results due to final event rain out) Vert Full Broadcast (Fast forward to 1:57:00)

GALLERY – KWEG Street Finals

The 2015 Kia World Extreme games is a wrap, but there is still plenty to experience coming down the pike.  Check out this gallery of all the ripping that went down in the Street on Street Finals in Shanghai.  What a way to close out the games. KWEG Street Finals

Felipe Gustavo Wins KWEG STREET FINAL

The stacked competition and incredible downhill course on the steps of Jiangwan Plaza proved to be the ultimate challenge for some of the top street skaters in the world. The right line, trick selection, speed, quickness and style would all be necessary for one of these skaters to rise to the top.  Tom Asta took… Reads more »

VIDEO – KWEG Asian Street Skateboarding Invitational Finals

KWEG 2015 Asian Street Skateboarding Invitational Finals We thought the qualifier was heated!  The top ten skaters battled it out to get on the podium.  So much heart and hustle, and TALENT came out of this group, the judges sure had their work cut out for them.  The tiny yet smooth beyond his years Sanggoe… Reads more »

VIDEO – KWEG MiniMega & Qualifier Results

KWEG MiniMega FINAL RESULTS.  – Because of bad weather, the qualifying rounds were tallied as the skaters final scores. 1st Place – Mitchie Brusco 2nd Place – Italo Pennarubia 3rd Place – Jono Schwan   The heated international competition came together inside JiangWan Satadium in Shangghai.  Towering 35 feet above the stadium floor, the massive… Reads more »


The Kia World Extreme Games will be broadcast LIVE through the following links.  Stay tuned to our Social Media channels for timing reminders from KWEG Live on @caproductions13. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO WATCH Thursday KWEG Broadcast – 10:00pm PST Friday KWEG Broadcast – 1o:00pm PST Saturday KWEG Broadcast – 10:00pm PST Stay tuned for… Reads more »

KWEG – Asian Skateboard Street Invitational Qualifiers

The Asian Skateboard Street Invitational Qualifiers were a fantastic reminder that talent and heart know no borders.  Competitors came from all around Asia: Indonesia, Japan, Taipei , Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and many more.  It became very clear, very quickly, that the skate scenes in Asia are strong and full of passion.  Out… Reads more »


Packed crowds lined the stands, the streets and bridges surrounding the Vert Ramp under the Pearl Tower at the KIA WORLD EXTREME GAMES, all to get a look at the high flying action during qualifiers.  Top international skaters came in hungry, ready to give it their all for a spot in the Finals of Asia’s… Reads more »