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X Games Minneapolis 2017 – Men’s Pro Skateboard Park

      X Games Minneapolis 2017 – Men’s Pro Skateboard Park Final Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Alex Sorgente 57.00 88.33 53.33 88.33 2 Tom Schaar 86.00 79.66 26.33 86.00 3 Cory Juneau 79.33 82.33 33.33 82.33 4 Ivan Federico 82.00 79.66 59.66 82.00 5 Brad McClain 77.00 76.66… Reads more »

Made in America Music Festival 2013

This past weekend we were in Philadelphia for the Made in America Music Festival. CA RampWorks built a skate park where we hosted some demos on the Skate Park Stage. Here are some photos and a cell phone edit.

CPH PRO 2013 : Levi’s Best Trick Party

CPH PRO 2013 - Best Trick Party

Only in Copenhagen do you have a Best Trick Party where $2,000 was given away courtesy of Levi’s to pop off a week long celebration of skateboarding. CPH PRO is in full effect and here are some photos and a new episode of #buildskateboarding. Be sure to check out the live broadcast of CPH PRO… Reads more »

Tampa Bro Footage

Back in March during Tampa Pro, Ryan and I hosted a little gathering we called Tampa Bro. Here is some footage of Ishod Wair, Justing Strubing, and others, provided by Colin Clark enjoying the dream driveway.

Tampa Bro 2013

Tampa Bro 2013

During Tampa Pro week, Ryan and I decided to host a gathering for our friends. We keep saying that it could be hit or miss. Would five people or 100 people show up? It ended up being a complete success, with the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Nick Dompierre, Ishod Wair, and many others coming by… Reads more »