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X Games Minneapolis 2017 – Skateboard Big Air

Elliot Sloan takes home the gold medal in X Games Minneapolis 2017 Skateboard Big Air sticking a indy 900 in his X Games run. Tom Schaar grabs the silver and Clay Kreiner bronze!  After 26 X Games appearances, Bob Burnquist, who competed in the very first X Games in 1995 and hasn’t missed a Summer X event since, announced… Reads more »

2015 X Games Skateboard Big Air Final

2015 X Games Skateboard Big Air The 2015 X Games Skateboard Big Air Finals went off under the stars in Austin Texas this weekend.  The best skateboarders in the world faced their own fears to push the current limits of skateboarding, as well as each other, in the hopes of squeezing every ounce of progression… Reads more »

Gold Medal Review – X Games Austin

X Games Austin finished up just over a week ago, but it’s not too late to revisit the highlights from two of the events we produced at X Games. Last week, X Games Austin delivered gold medals to five skateboarders across Skateboard Vert, Big Air, Park and Street. Some, including Jimmy Wilkins & Tom Schaar… Reads more »

Tom Schaar Takes Gold At Skateboard Big Air

Linking together a backside 720 over the gap before managing to somehow hold on to a 900 on the big quarter-pipe, Schaar not only became the second-youngest recipient of an X Games gold, but signalled the beginning of a new epoch in the evolution of this most enthralling of skateboarding’s sub-genres. There was an up… Reads more »

Bob Burnquist’s New Part

Words can’t describe the death defying stunts Bob does in his new part. My predictions is he will win Gold again at X Games Los Angeles this weekend. He is just years ahead of everyone else when it comes to skating Big Air.

X Games 2013 Munich – Vert and Big Air

Bucky Lasek continues his Vert reign with another 1st, knocking Pierre Luc Gagnon down to 2nd, and Mitchie Brusco to 3rd. Tom Schaar spins the 900 in Big Air, but Burnquist’s switch 540 is unbeatable, landing him in 1st. Check out all the action from Munich.

X Games Barcelona 2013 – Big Air Finals

Bob Burnquist wins another Big Air X Games Gold in Barcelona, Jake Brown landed another 720 ollie over the gap, and Mitchie Brusco spins what I like to call the “tornado” a.k.a 1080. Check out this edit of Build Skateboarding on the Ride Channel.