Brian Harper

Harper2I grew up in Flagstaff Arizona, where I skateboarded every summer and snowboarded in the winters, I was fortunate enough to become a pro snowboarder and travel the world on my sponsor’s dime. All the while, I continued skating. I realized this lifestyle was not going to last forever and I started working toward a career inside the industry. I went from owning a chain of retail skateboard shops in Arizona (AZP) to being a camp Director at two different summer skateboarding camps to helping start one of the most recognized Skatepark design firms in the country (Site Design Group). All the while building different skate projects along the way.

During this time I would work with John Tyson (JT) at his then company (VPI) building and designing all the X Games courses.
In 2005 JT and I joined forces with Joe Ciaglia from California Skateparks and created CA RampWorks. As Director, I have overseen all aspects of our projects, designs, marketing and new business development, some of the most memorable projects have been building Danny Way’s ramp over the Great Wall of China and Traveling the world for 5 months straight designing and building the Global X Games courses.

Jeff Jewett and I recently created a new company to the CA family in CA PROductions, an event company that creates, organizes and runs events and contests in action sports.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found a career in skateboarding that I enjoy and look forward to every new project and opportunity.

Jeff Jewett

jewett3I built my first jump ramp in the summer of 1984 and realized I loved building ramps as much as I did skating them. I got my first break building ramps professionally when Harper took me up to Windell’s Camp to build the camp’s first skatepark. Since that time I have been lucky enough to work at/with some of the best companies in the industry including, Smith Optics, Savier/Nike, Globe, KTR, KR3W and Supra. Working with these brands and as an independent contractor I have had about every industry job you can imagine including; team manager, sales rep, camp director, events director, director of marketing, etc…….
No matter what job I was doing it always seemed like a big part of it always came back to building skateparks and doing events of some kind. In 2013 Harper and I finally started the company we had been building towards since Windells in 1991 CA Productions is the manifestation of all of our ramp building, event management and industry experience.