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It’s another sunshine filled day in Shanghai and this morning we kick things off on the mini mega ramp, for skateboard qualifiers. Doors opened at 10 AM this morning, and it was a pretty decent crowd for how early it was. Apparently today is a holiday here, so there were plenty of fans eager to… Reads more »

KWEG 2014 – Vert Qualifiers

Day two in Shanghai, and the weather was perfect, for the first day of the event. This was a bit of a change last year, as we were battling wind and rain, for the first half of the week. Not a cloud in the sky today though, as athletes and fans alike, made their way… Reads more »

Sundays-Sponsored AM and Best Trick Recap

Here are some photos from Sunday’s Sponsored AM and Best Trick comp, Thanks to everyone who made it out and skated. This event would not have been possible without AYC,Hellaclips,Supra,AWS,Independent,Fred Water,Bull Taco,Woodward,Skull Candy,Movie Tickets. Congratulations to this weekends winners!

Bounty in the Bowl Results

Bounty in The Bowl Over all rippers of the night Chris Gregson $1000 Aaron Jaws Homoki $1000 Fan favorite Willis Kimball $300 Raven Tershy bounty Nose grind through the heart $150 Chris Gregson Lance Mountian bounty Sad plant $100 Andy Macdonald Mike McGill bounty 540 over the hip $150 Aaron Jaws Homoki Steve Schneer bounty Egg… Reads more »

2014 CA Pro Am Lake Havasu Final Scores

SPONSORED QUALIFIERS – CONTROL NAME (2) BEST SCORES FLOW SECTION ROUND 2 TOTAL TOTALS TOTAL SCORES 1 Lance Wilewski 167 222 389 2 Diego Najera 177 243 420 3 Genisis Atkins 192 233 425 4 Evon Martinez 341 212 553 5 Austin Lenahan 391 217 608 6 Sascha Daley 448 207 655 7 Micky Papa… Reads more »

2014 CA Pro Am Sponsored Am Qualifiers

Place Sponsored Am Qualifiers Points 1 Tyson Bowerbank 285 2 Matt Berger 274 3 Chase Webb 273 4 Enzo Cautela 262 5 Austin Lenahan 257 6 Micky Papa 257 7 John Oskvarek 251 8 Genisis Atkins 243 9 Vincent Nava 242 10 Diego Najera 239 11 Weston Sparks 236 12 Chris Mendes 232 13 Cameo… Reads more »

Vert, Big Air, and Street Qualifiers Result

Kimberley Diamond Cup 2013

Today was a busy day here in Kimberly, South Africa for the Kimberley Diamond Cup. Here are the results for Vert/Big Air and the Street Qualifiers. I also have a new episode of #buildskateboarding from the Street Qualifiers, along few random skate photos, and the bracket of skaters for tomorrow’s Street Finals. Vert/Big Air Overall… Reads more »