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X Games Munich 2013 – Park Finals

X Games Munich 2013 - Park Finals

New episode of #buildskateboarding is up on the Ride Channel. Check out how Curren Caples won Gold in Park. I also have some photos from the Park Finals here.

X Games Munich 2013 – SLS Prelims

X Games Munich 2013 - Street League Prelims

P-Rod takes the win, Luan Oliveira lands in 2nd, and Chris Cole takes 3rd in the Street League Prelims. Ishod Wair puts together the lines, Torey Pudwill has mad snaps, and Shane O’Neill gets tech and gnar on the street course in Munich. Check out the new episode of #buildskateboarding up on the Ride Channel…. Reads more »

Bucky Lasek Wins Vert Gold At X Games Munich

Bucky Lasek Wins Vert Gold At X Games Munich

Down to his last run, Bucky needed a perfect run in order to come in contention to PLG’s flawess run, and he did just that. Congratulations Bucky on winning Vert Gold at X Games Munich. Footage coming to you soon via Ride Channel.

Curren Caples Wins Park Gold At X Games Munich

Curren Caples Wins Park Gold At X Games Munich

Pedro Barros has been dominating X Games this year by winning Park in Foz and Barcelona, but Curren Caples just put a stop to that. With one final run left, Curren skated flawless run and won Park Gold in Munich. Here is a photo of him blasting a boneless. Congrats Curren!

Youness Amrani Wins Street League Select Series at X Games Munich

We asked a bunch of Street League pros who was going to win the Select Series and not one person said Youness Amrani from Belgium. Congratulations Youness, and I look forward to seeing you skate in Street League on Friday. Click here to check out a sequence of Youness doing a backside nosegrind nollie flip… Reads more »

Kia World Games 2013 – Vert and Street

Kia World Games 2013 - Vert and Street

If you were to tell me that I was coming back to Shanghai, China to run another skateboard contest I would have laughed in your face, but here I am covering another event. Peak these photos from Vert and Street at Kia World Games.

Kia World Games 2013 – MiniMega

Kia World Games 2013 - MiniMega

MiniMega has been one of the few contests that has not been affected by the weather here at the Kia World Games. Andy walked away with another gold medal, while Adam Taylor took silver, and Rony Gomez took the bronze. Check out the photos below.

X Games Barcelona 2013 – Park

X Games Barcelona - Park

Here are some pics from Barcelona that have been sitting around for a few weeks. May as well post them, right? It’s always rad to look at old photos because it brings back the memories of the great times that were had.