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Kia World Games 2013 – MiniMega

Kia World Games 2013 - MiniMega

MiniMega has been one of the few contests that has not been affected by the weather here at the Kia World Games. Andy walked away with another gold medal, while Adam Taylor took silver, and Rony Gomez took the bronze. Check out the photos below.

X Games Barcelona 2013 – Park

X Games Barcelona - Park

Here are some pics from Barcelona that have been sitting around for a few weeks. May as well post them, right? It’s always rad to look at old photos because it brings back the memories of the great times that were had.  

X Games Barcelona 2013 – Park Finals

This footage is insane. By far the most exciting skating I seen in all of X Games Barcelona. Check out how Pedro Barros wins yet another X Games,and how Curren Caples just might take the next one.

X Games Barcelona 2013 – Street League Finals

This by far has been the best Street League Contest to date. It literally came down to the last trick. Relive all your favorite moments from the Street League Finals in this edit of Build Skateboarding.

X Games Brazil 2013 Full Recap

X Games Brazil Full Recap

Here’s full recap of everything skateboarding that went down at X Games in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil this past weekend courtesy of Ride Channel. Looks like this was one for the history books. We’re really looking forward to X Games Barcelona next month. Can wait to be there!              … Reads more »

Street League Select Series – X Games Brazil 2013

There are lots of “firsts” going down in X Games Brazil. One is the introduction of Street League into X Games. This brought about the Street League Select Series, where 12 pros compete for a spot in the actual Street League Contest. There were several Brazilians fighting for the spot, but in the end Manny… Reads more »